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Today fixed games 1×2

Today fixed games 1×2

FOR: 13.04.2022


Levadia – Kalju  Tip: 1  Odd: 1.50 FT: 1:1
Lubeck – Werder Bremen ll  Tip: 1  Odd: 1.70 FT: 1:0
Al Nasr – Saham  Tip: 1  Odd: 1.40 FT: 3:1


fixed match for today

Fixed matches are games whose outcomes are fixed and pre-determined. This presents an ethical question as whether sports teams are really being trustworthy to their fans. The fact is that most are not.

It is ironical, on the other hand, that fixed matches today can present betting fans with rare opportunities for winning consistently in their bets. That is where, as Surebet, we come in. We have mechanisms to detect the fixed matches and the odds. After you subscribe for our fixed matches, you are guaranteed to get 100% fixed odds. 1×2 fixed match


  1. More than half of matches in the 86 leagues that we studied are fixed.

  2. Evidence shows that 80% of draws are fixed. Draws are rarely natural. I never knew that before this project.

  3. Analyzing past performance to predict a match is a monstrous waste of time. Most match outcomes are premeditated.

  4. Sometimes, the fixers change their mind and settle on a different preferred outcome even hours or minutes to the match. How they communicate the changes to the players remains a mystery.

  5. Contrary to popular belief, MAJORITY of top-flight matches like in the EPL and Bundesliga are fixed to the core. We have fool-proof evidence and numbers don’t lie.

  6. Betting companies know which matches are fixed but can not verify that a match is not fixed. Fixed matches are a big problem for smaller betting companies but big companies are complacent and are actually accomplices in the whole scheme of match fixing.

  7. The lion share of revenue for most clubs in the developing world actually comes from fixed matches.

  8. 10% of the time, players are unable to produce the results they promised their sponsors or officials thereby creating disappointment for everyone involved, even when a club wins, when their sponsors thought otherwise. So, yeah, some fixed matches go wrong. This was new to me as well.

  9. There is a communication channel between clubs and betting companies. When bigger league matches are fixed, someone informs betting companies as far back as a week earlier. This helps companies to adjust odds accordingly and to trick the public into betting on the unfavorable outcome through dishonest fluctuation of odds. What we haven’t found out yet, is who receives a commission, the betting companies involved or the clubs. Either way, the next time you see falling odds for a certain outcome, don’t be quick to think the outcome is expected.

  10. Both teams involved in a fixed match “work together” to bring forth an outcome.

  11. Under 2.5 goals market is very popular for fixing. I guess it is easier to promise a sponsor that you wont score than promising to score. 1×2 fixed match

    The findings were many, I cant list all of them, especially the technical details. These findings have enabled us develop a system that detects fixed matches outcomes days or even weeks before the match. It is operational as we speak and life couldn’t be any better. Guess our favorite market? The mighty draw. As I said earlier, 80% of draws are fixed, and the odds for draws are good. Do the math: If you have 1000 as stake/capital, then you have 5 fixed draws of average odds, 3.5 each.

    3.2×3.7×4.5×3.9×3.1) = 644 total odds. Today fixed games 1×2

    1000×644 = 644,000
    You can easily make half a million in any currency using 1000 with just one ticket of 5 fixed draws.

fixed match betting free

This is an easy one, fixed matches are hiding in plain sight. When you open the website of your favorite betting company or bookmaker, you see a list of many matches playing in the coming hours or days.

These might be soccer, tennis, golf or any other sport that you can bet on.

Among those matches you see every day, are fixed matches. You cannot easily recognize a fixed match as it looks no different from genuine matches on the betting website. Nothing differentiates them with non-fixed matches, at least to the untrained eye. Today fixed games 1×2

fixed match is it real

As we have already seen, FIFA is known to have banned players, fined teams and even successfully prosecuted the perpetrators of fixed matches. There has to be an authority whose presentations of evidence is admitted in let’s say, a court of law for a match fixing suspect to be found guilty.

is fixed match betting real

Fixed matches have a win rate of 100%. That is a higher win rate than many tipsters can achieve. Our customers for the month of December 2021 have so far made a profit of over 25,000%. As you well know, I solved the fixed matches mystery and I have explained step by step how I did it.

You have no reason to doubt my ability to identify fixed matches. 1×2 fixed match