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king tips 1×2 today

king tips 1×2 today

FOR: 08.07.2021

Levadia – St Josephs  Pick : 1 (1.25)  FT 3:1

Dundalk – Newtown  Pick : 1 (1.20)  FT 4:0

Birkirkara – La Fiorita  Pick : 1 (1.25)  FT 1:0

king tips 1×2 Today

The name of this sort of bet has as which means about the twofold activity that a group should make in a football match rigged wagers. The group should finish two distinct activities in a match. The first (Half time) is to win during the initial 45 minutes of the match. Also, the second is to win the other portion of the game (full time). The group should complete the game as a victor with the goal that the bet is a champ. It is likewise conceivable that the HT/FT bet is address otherly, for instance:

Draw – Draw: Both parts will end in a draw, no groups winning, implies 0-0, 1-1 and so forth On the off chance that a group wins one a large portion of, the bet is a failure.

Best King Tips 1×2 Fixed Matches

Group A – Team B: For this situation, Team An unquestionable requirement win Half Time and Team B the Full time (second half).

It isn’t hard to comprehend. Bookmakers show every one of the alternatives accessible in HT/FT Fixed Matches with the chances and a definite portrayal of every choice. Bettors can exploit this alternative in the event that they realize how to wager dependent on the choices accessible in the bookies (like the bookie 1xbet).

Instructions to bet on COMBO Fixed Matches Today

The best of this choice is that it made for most loved groups. Particularly in matches where the group enjoys an immense upper hand over the other group. Chances can be exceptionally enticing. Yet, you must be extremely cautious and try not to fall into the desire produced by this choice. When searching for a football fixed match and tracking down the most loved group. We can start to make an exhaustive exploration in the potential outcomes that the group needs to finish a HT/FT bet Fixed Matches in any of the ways offered by a bookie.

For instance, we can say that a group gets an opportunity to win the two parts as follows:

Group A: Last 5 games at home won 5, scoring 2.1 objectives as normal, 1.3 on first half and 2.35 on second half. With these anecdotal insights Team An is the probably going to win the two parts. Groups with a benefit over another normally win the principal half by a couple of objectives, and during the most recent 45 minutes can score 2-3 objectives.

Another situation: if there should be an occurrence of a troublesome and tight match, we can look the matches history between the two groups, in the event that they have a few draws and little objective normal we could anticipate a DRAW – DRAW for the match.

King Tips 1x2

Soccer King Tips Betting 1×2

Is it a rewarding choice?

Unquestionably, it is, the chances for this wagering choice can reach up to 20.00 in chances for any type of HT/FT Fixed Matches. The most loved groups offer great costs, far better than different alternatives like 1X2, DNB, and so on The methodology with this kind of bet should be cautious and with extraordinary alert. Bettors ought to try not to wager over 1% of the bankroll by decision. Try things out and apply the most extreme information in understanding insights and quantities of each group.

The X/1, 1/1, X/2 Notations

There is a typical documentation utilized on many wagering sites including FBTC utilizing the terms 1, X and 2. Here is the thing that they mean

1 – Home group (or the group composed first)

X – Draw

2 – Away group (or group composed second)

For instance, if our COMBO BETS ACCURATE HT/FT is 1/X for a Match among Arsenal and Chelsea. This implies that at Halftime the score would be 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 or anything with Arsenal Leading. Furthermore, the match would end in draw by full-time. Expectation this article was useful for you to comprehend COMBO BET ACCURATE HT/FT.

king tips 1×2

king tips 1×2

FOR: 06.03.2021


Elche – Sevilla Pick: 2 Odd: 1.60 Full time result: 2:1

Cadiz CF – Eibar Pick: X2 Odd: 1.40 Full time result: 1:0

Bayern Munich – Dortmund Pick: 1 Odd: 1.50 Full time result: 4:2

king tips 1×2


How are the most objectives scored?

Have you at any point thought about how are the most objectives in football scored? After an open play or a set piece? After a normal shot or a header? In the event that you realized the responses to such inquiries, it would be a lot simpler to make a triumphant wager. In this article we would dissect the scoring designs in football just as disclose how to utilize information about them in sports wagering.

First Goal Method betting

A few bookmakers have wagers for the objective scoring techniques in its offer. The chances for such wagers, for instance, for the First Goal Method are generally quite nice with 1/2 (1.50) chances for a normal shot with a foot, 4/1 (5.00) for a header, 11/1 (12.00) for an extra shot, 16/1 (17.00) for a free kick and a 20/1 (21.00) chances for an own objective. There is obviously a possibility for no first objective (which implies no objectives by any means), yet the chances for it will in general move from 7/1 (8.00) up to 20/1 (21.00).

King Tips 1x2

Best Fixed Matches

We can notice, that a few groups scored most of their objectives after an open play with the inclusion of all or practically all players of the group. A genuine model is Norwich, which scored that way 28 objectives (28/38 – 73% of every one of their objectives) and Manchester United with 33 objectives (33/46 – 72% of every one of their objectives). In instances of such groups, it tends to be acceptable to wager for a shot as the strategy for the main objective. From the other hand, there are groups, similar to West Bromwich Albion, that don’t dominate in such insights (8/32 – just 25% of every one of their objectives). Here, it is ideal to be more wary and think about different alternatives.

The measurements of the objectives scored after set pieces can likewise help in deciding the technique for how the objective was scored. In the event of Leicester City, we can see a high inclination with regards to objectives after punishments (10/67 – 15% of every one of their objectives). Another intriguing model is Sunderland, which players scored 9 objectives (9/44 – 20% of every one of their objectives) after direct free kicks. Recollecting that the chances for a free kick as the First Goal Method can be up to 16/1 (17.00), it is a choice that is positively worth thinking about with regards to certain groups.

King Tips 1×2

What might be said about objectives after headers? All things considered, the chances for such alternative are generally around 4/1 (5.00). This appears to be enticing, particularly in the event of specific groups that are unrivaled in air due to their normal stature and heading capacities of their players. As of now referenced West Brom is an ideal model. It’s players scored 12 objectives (12/32 – 37% of every one of their objectives) after headers. Weapons store players appear to be likewise very acceptable noticeable all around with 16 objectives (16/62 – 26% of every one of their objectives) scored after header shots.

Wagering on a header as the technique for the main objective in a match with those groups could be truly beneficial. From the other hand, wagering on such choice on games with the inclusion of groups like Sunderland (2/44 – 4,5 % of every one of their objectives) and Norwich (3/38 – 8% of every one of their objectives) which once in a while scored objectives after headers was destined to disappointment.

Enough with the group measurements. Allow us to investigate the quantities of an individual players of the Premier League clubs in season 2015/2016.

King Tips 1×2

Given the elevated capacities of certain players, it is less likely that the principal objective in a match with their inclusion will be a header. Harry Kane for instance, in spite of his stature, scored just a single header objective in that period of the Premier League. Given that he was both Tottenham’s and whole association’s top goalscorer with 25 objectives (25/68 – 36% of every one of their objectives) it was difficult to envision that a first objective in a Tottenham match would be a header. Same goes for Leicester’s Jamie Vardy, who was the top scorer for the unforeseen Premier League champions with 24 objectives (24/67 – 36% of every one of their objectives) yet just 2 of them were headers.

Besides, both Vardy and Mahrez scored a generally of 41 objectives that season which was 60% of all Leicester objectives yet just 3 of them were headers! This implies that there was an almost no possibility there would be a header objective in a Leicester match by and large, not referencing the main objective. From the other hand, Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud scored 16 objectives (16/62 – 26% of every one of their objectives) and practically 50% of them (7/16) were header objectives. With that information, one could make a fortune on objective scoring technique wagers.

How frequently there are header objectives?

With regards to headers, let us check the number of objectives after header shots were scored by the best goalscorers in the English Premier League and Spanish Primera Division somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2013.

The most striking thing that you can see in above measurements is that Peter Crouch scored practically 50% of his objectives with a header. This appears to be very clear given his tallness (2,01m), yet, this numbers should intrigue. Hence, there was higher likelihood of a header objective in a match with his inclusion, which might have been utilized in wagering. Teddy Sheringham’s and Alan Shearer’s numbers were likewise very acceptable, similar to the measurements of Radamel Falcao in Spanish La Liga.

On the off chance that you consider the contrasts between the two groups, the purpose behind more header objectives in England is self-evident. It is difficult to envision such actually gifted players as Lionel Messi or Zinedine Zidane to be awesome in the airborne fights with the protectors. Obviously, there are exemptions, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos or Ruud van Nistelrooy, with the last having a comparative normal of header objectives in Spain as he had during his spell in England. (King tips 1×2)

How were objectives scored at Euro 2016?

There is frequently a great deal of shocks during the World Cups and European Championships and a ton of punters end such rivalries under their equilibrium. The response to that issue could be the objective scoring strategy wagers. We previously covered both individual and group measurements at the club level, yet what might be said about significant global competitions? Allow us to examine the case of the Euro 2016 facilitated by France.

There was 51 games at the French competition, during which there was 108 objectives (a normal of 2,12 objectives for each game, an objective at regular intervals). 84 objectives were scored after a normal shot (77,8%) and 24 were header objectives (22,16%). This insights are very little unique in relation to those from Euro 2012 (71% objectives after standard shots – 28,9% headers) and those from Euro 2008 (80,5% objectives after normal shots – 19,5% headers).

From which zone of the field did players scored objectives in France? From 108 complete objectives of the competition, 91 were scored inside the punishment box. Curiously, 19 of them were scored from the ‘six-yard box’ – a considerable amount right? With regards to the objective scoring strategies, 96 objectives were scored after an open play (88,8%), 8 after extra shot (7,4%) and just 4 after an immediate free kick (3,7%) – with two of them scored by Gareth Bale. The free kick measurements are very little unique in relation to those from the past competitions, (1,3% in 2012 and 2,6% in 2008) while there was a couple of less objectives after punishments in the past releases of the European Championship (3,9% in 2012 and 5,2% in 2008).


We trust that this article would be useful for punters who are keen on such wagers. Think we have demonstrated that there are games that have higher likelihood of objectives scored by a specific technique. Accept that the aftereffects of our investigation can be fundamental in deciding the strategy for the main objective in a football match. Doubtlessly, wagering on such wagers requires impressive information and experience just as careful investigation of the occasion, however frequently the appealing chances for such wagers can be all that could possibly be needed to make up for that. Is it worth your time? It is dependent upon you to choose. Our assessment is that wagering on objective scoring techniques can be entirely productive.