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red star fixed matches

red star fixed matches

red star fixed matches

FOR: 12.03.2023

PSV – Cambuur Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.40 FT: 5:2
Feyenoord – FC Volendam Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.35 FT: 2:1


Fixed odds betting is the traditional form of betting where a bookmaker will offer odds on a specific outcome in a match or event.

If that outcome happens, i.e. a horse wins at odds of 10/1, then the bookmaker will pay winnings of 10 x the stake, plus the original stake.

So in the above example, a £10 bet on a horse to win at 10/1 would result in a win of £100, as well as the return of the £10 stake to the punter.

However, if that outcome doesn’t happen, then the bookmaker wins and the punter would have lost the £10 stake.


The main difference between fixed odds betting. Spread betting is that with fixed odds betting your potential profit or loss is ‘fixed’ by the odds offered by the bookmaker. But with sports spread betting your potential profit or loss can be many multiples of your original stake size.

E.g., if you placed a £100 bet on a favourite on a football match to win at 1/5. Your potential return would be fixed at £20 (plus the return of your stake) and your potential loss would be fixed at £100.

However, if you were to place a £100 football Supremacy spread bet on a favourite, buying at 2 on a spread of 1.8 – 2, you would return a profit of £100 for every goal above the spread. E.g. A 5-0 win for the favourites would return £300 ((5-2) x £100). But if the match was a draw you would lose £200 ((0-2) x £100) or if the underdogs won by a goal you would lose £300 ((-1-2) x £100).


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Odds against bets: Your return will be a simple multiplication of your stake times the odds on offer, e.g. a £10 bet on a horse at 10/1 will return £100 plus your £10 stake should the horse win the race. If the horse doesn’t win the race, you lose £10.

Even money bets: You win exactly the same amount as your stake should your bet come in. E.g. a £50 bet on a football team to win at even money would return £50 plus your original £50 stake should that team win. If that team doesn’t win then you would lose £50.

Odds on bets: You win a fraction of your original stake should your bet come in. E.g. a £100 bet on a cricket team to win at 1/5 would return £20 plus your original £100 stake. If that cricket team doesn’t win then you would lose the £100.


Fractional fixed odds quote the amount that will be paid should the bet win. I.e. 4/1 will return 4 x the stake, as well as the return of the original stake.

4/1 is known as ‘four-to-one’ and less commonly referred to as ‘four-to-one-against’. 1/4 (which would return a quarter of the original stake in winnings. Along with the return of the original stake) is known as ‘one-to-four’ or ‘four-to-one-on’. 1/1 is known as an ‘even money’ bet.

Decimal odds factor in the return of the stake so are based on the equivalent of the decimal value to the fractional odds, plus one.

Even money bets, therefore. Are quoted as 2, the 4/1 example above would be 5 and the 1/4 example above would be 1.25. Use our odds converter tool below to try more fractional to decimal odds conversions. Or see more conversion examples in the table below.

source: www.spreadex.com/sports/get-started/sports-fixed-odds-betting/