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FOR: 09.03.2023

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Biggest soccer bet wins of all time

Whether you call it soccer or football, the activity of kicking a ball across a field to score a winning goal has long been something that drives fans crazy. Because of this, soccer is a monumental industry, valued at around £21.28 billion in Europe alone.

Considering so much money is spent on the game, it is no surprise that there is also a vast supply of money being wagered on the outcome of matches. These range from small bets of just £1 to those worth considerably more. However, some of these have payouts that will make your eyes tear and your knees weak.

To illustrate just how insane some of these bets can be, we’ve compiled the biggest soccer bets of all time. So read on to learn how much is available to win should you guess correctly when wagering on this popular sport.

1) Daman Chick – £1 million

None could be as lucky (or skilled at guessing) as Daman Chick. This Englishman was working as a simple kitchen fitter when he decided to wager a meagre £5 on the outcome of the Euro 2016 final. The match was a must-see, as it featured Portugal against host country France.

Daman decided that he would be ultra-specific with his bet. He not only decided to try and guess who would score the final and winning goal but also took his chances at predicting the exact minute of the match it would be scored in. This was very brave, considering his guess was the 109th minute, well into overtime for any game.

However, when Portuguese player Eder scored the winning point in the 109th minute, Daman became the biggest winner from a soccer bet in an instant. His £5 chance turned into a £1 million payoff. Amazingly, the lucky man didn’t even realise that he’d won until three days after the match.

2) Mick Gibbs – £500,000

Winning only half of that won by Daman Chick, the next biggest winner is Mick Gibbs. Mick worked as a roofer and loved betting on sports after winning £157,400 from a wager in 1999. So, in 2001, he decided to try his luck again by wagering on an accumulator bet over 15 events.

His bet included correctly predicting the top five in the English League, the Scottish division’s lower three, and the outcome of some rugby and cricket matches. His bet cost him a whopping 30p and had odds stacked against him of 1,666,666 to one.

Luckily for Mick, when FC Bayern Munich won the Champions League, he proved that it’s possible to beat almost impossible odds. The win scored Mick a cool £500,000 jackpot from his simple 30p bet.

3) Brian Matthews – £112,500

Whether you bet with a bookie or online using sites like casinosource.co.uk, one thing is generally constant: you need to pick a winner. However, Brian Matthews, an openly avid fan of the Wolves, decided he didn’t need to pick a winner to cash in on a wager.

Instead, he decided to bet that every team that plays across a 15-match run would score at least one point. When placing his bet for £15, many people thought Brian might be a teacup short of a tea party. However, they soon changed their tune.

After Marten de Ron scored a goal against Manchester City during injury time in the last match of the round, everything changed for Brian. This change was because that previous goal meant that every team in the group had scored, earning Brian a respectable £112,500 win.

4) Rory Lewis – £100,000

The next lucky winner on the list certainly did well by increasing his wager by 1,000 times. Rory Lewis decided he would stake £100 on an accumulator wager, which meant he had to correctly guess four teams would place and that the winning team would win by four goals or more.

Rory went out on a ledge and guessed that four non-league teams would win the first round of the Scottish Cup. These teams happened to be Cove Rangers, Huntly, Culter, and Wick Academy.

After the final match resulted in a score of nine against one, Lewis struck lucky when all of his predictions became true. Because of his intuitive guessing, he scored a win of £100,000. This win is something we are sure he was thrilled about.

5) Steve Sales – £60,000

Living in London in 2016, Steve was unemployed and looking for ways to ensure his three kids would be taken care of. So, he decided to place a £1.40 bet on the second round of the Scottish League Cup. The funny thing about this decision is that Steve knew nothing about soccer.

Despite his lack of knowledge, Steve wagered that three teams (Inverness, Dundee, and Ross Country) would win their matches with a final score of 7-0. Those familiar with the sport didn’t tend to agree with this optimistic and surreal view.
However, the three teams in question clearly had luck on their side and sent some of it to Steve as well. All three teams did exactly what Steve had predicted and won their matches by seven points, leading to a win of £60,000 for good ol’ Steve. today solo fixed matches


As you can see from the massive wins above, betting big or small on a soccer match can win you a rather impressive and celebratory-worthy amount. This is true whether you are an avid game fan who knows every player or if you are like Steve Sales and know nothing at all.

While millions worldwide try their luck with wagers every day, especially since the advent of online casinos and bookmakers, you never know when it will be your turn to strike it lucky. After all, you may be just a goal away from a windfall.

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