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   The betting industry is a very risky place where anyone familiar with this trying to win a bet / ticket often ends up losing a lot of money. For this to NOT happen anymore we as Today-Fixed-Matches.com company offering  and giving you FIXED MATCHES that will bring you PROFIT. Our team of experts is here to give you the best fixed matches, we are able to provide you with fixed matches from over 25+ leagues around the globe. FOR THIS BUSSINESS TO PROPERLY WORK WE HAVE STRONG CONNECTIONS WITH REAL AND VERIFIED SOURCES!All the Bets/ Tickets are very precise selected! Read more about us here.


analyzed fixed matches

Fixing Matches – There are frequent concerns about the phenomenon. Match fixing threatens the credibility of the entire sports system. Attempts to rig games cause serious damage and above all affect consumers. Despite the fact that the topic has become public knowledge, match fixing is not decreasing. In fact, due to a strange effect, the more we talk about it the more the corruption spreads and it seems acceptable. Attempts at match fixing, whether bland or full are really easy to discover. The pure and simple analysis of numbers always brings out the truth. This applied to sports betting leads to discover wired betting trends and possible fixing. We are here to show you all match fixing bets! (Today Fixed Matches)

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Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches

Fixing Games

Fixing soccer matches is a flourishing business which will proceed in the all over future, except if some outrageous systems of control are set up and executed. All these fixing are gotten from a social nature of individual, trade aspiration, and hunger for magnificence and, obviously, battle for power. Each fixed match has its own character and objective. We will analyze this wonder in three classes. First is pointed toward getting illicit benefit. Second one is normally coordinated by club presidents and proprietors. A considerable lot of them are government officials, big shots or “Russian Oligarchs” whose living philosophy is “triumph by all expenses”. The third one is parting game scores. Purchasing and selling players, a great many dollars in notice agreements, TV and the web shows. We are here for Benefits – PROFIT. Today-fixed-matches.com are cooperating with one of the best VERIFIED sources in Europe.


We manage to create a chain of a sources that will provide the best informations about fixed matches. For everything to be 100% sure we must make payments of large amount of money. So that every game comes up with a win.

Information scouts are vital to matchfixing

So how does this framework work and what should be possible about the Wild West universe of club football friendlies?

In-play betting on all matches is made conceivable when information scouts go to matches and hand-off data about occurrences – corners, red cards, objectives – to data companies. The information companies at that point sell this data on continuously to betting organizations, who offer up these neighborly counterparts for bets. The information companies and Asian bookmakers are dependent on the respectability of these scouts, who can work with clubs arranging a fix. Scouts will offer to cover games to get them onto the betting business sectors. When a game is free for betting with one administrator, different bookmakers, will at that point additionally offer the match to attempt to try not to lose customers.

Fixed Matches

Recent Questions

a) Is match-fixing a local, regional or global phenomenon?

A review of the available literature reveals that match-fixing is a global phenomenon that is not by any means restricted to certain countries of geographical areas. From Asia to Europe and from Africa to Russia, soccer match-fixing are available and recently more represented.

b) Why and how Fixed Matches getting fixed?

A review of the literature suggests that the major motivations behind match manipulation include financial gain, money laundering, and future team advantage.

c) How does a half-time/full-time bet work?

A half-time/full-time bet is an exceptional betting variation of the typical half-time bet, and has a place with the class twofold bets. The lone distinction is, that at these bets, you bet on BOTH the remaining at half-time just as the outcome after the full-time.

– 1/1 This scenario happens when home team wins first half and full time.
– 1 /2 this is a case when home team wins first half but away team wins second half.
– 2/1 Away team wins first half but home team wins full time
– 1/X Home team wins first half but both teams draw full time.
– X/1 Draw first half, home team win full time.
– X/X Draw first half and full time
– 2/X Away team win first half, draw full time
– X/2 Draw first half, away team win full time.
– 2/2 Away team win first half and second half

HT/FT results bear high odds because there are two scenarios expected. Today-fixed-matches.com offers accurate HT/FT matches. All you need to do is to contact our agents or check our offers here.

Today Correct Score Matches

Today Correct Score Matches

  We have been providing our numerous satisfied users with the most accurate fixed matches and our users trust us because we are really the best in this business. Football betting is by it’s very nature a risk way to fill your time or even to try and make money. But when done sensibly you can make a living from it & it becomes more exciting to watch football/soccer.

Today Correct Score Matches

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Today Free Fixed Matches

Today Free Fixed Matches

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Today Free Fixed MatchesToday we have sure bet predictions that have over 85% chance of coming true. These are football matches whose historical performances and current forms we have analyzed thoroughly. If you are the risk hating type (which is wise in betting) and want to eliminate the risk of lose then you may have to look no further than our 100% Sure Fixed Matches. For any questions contact us! And also read our Terms and Conditions! Our daily free tips are a great way to raise a good amounth of money after which you may want to consider purchasing an affordable subscription to receive 100% sure FIXED MATCHES. You’ll also be able to see how many tips you’ll averagely receive each week / month and what time of the day you’ll receive these fixed matches.

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FOR: 29.05.2023

Molde – Sandefjord Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.35
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fixed matches soccer

fixed matches soccer

fixed matches soccer

FOR: 29.04.2023

Hacken – Varnamo Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.50 FT: 3:1
Bodo/Glimt – Brann Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.50 FT: 2:2
Banska Bystrica – Zilina Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.60 FT: 1:1
Chesterfield – Maidstone Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.45 FT: 4:0

How To Use Our Corner Stats

The corner table above features the total corners statistics for 374 teams across 21 leagues around the globe and shows the total number of matches played, and the number of matches that have seen ‘Over 7.5′, ‘Over 8.5′, ‘Over 9.5′, ‘Over 10.5′, ‘Over 11.5′ or ‘Over 12.5′ corners – depending on the line you pick (for the current season). The yellow bar represents the percentage of total games where each teams has had over X amount of corners (either 7.7, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 or 12.5). fixed matches soccer

There are several ways you can use the table:

  • Use the ‘Search’ bar to find a specific team, league or country.
  • ‘Sort’ the information (using the arrows) by either ‘Team’, ‘Matches Played’ (#) or ‘Percentage’ (%).

The data is updated every day to ensure we have the most up-to-date corner stats available, from Premier League corner stats and Championship corner stats, to La Liga corner stats, Serie A corner stats, Bundesliga corner stats, and all around the rest of the globe.

Using TPP Total Corner Stats

All of this data can of course be used to better predict likely total corner outcomes, alongside good strategy, corner tips, and research in general. Remember too, that because this table provides over stats, it also logistically provides under corner stats based on the remaining percentages (simply take the percentage provided from 100).

The reason that these stats have been chosen is that the average number of corners per game for most leagues is around 10 or 11 – it certainly is for Premier League corner stats.

Some examples, like La Liga or Ligue 1 corner stats, may be a little lower – but that is also reflected in the table. So, by having our over stats (and under stats) around these numbers, you get a really in-depth understanding of how all of these teams perform in terms of total corners most of that time.

There’s always more research you can do to learn more about the beautiful game, but in terms of corner markets, this is an amazing way of quickly tapping into key, factual knowledge.

Using TPP Total Team Corner For and Against Stats

This follows the same principle as our method for using total corner stats. Above the table you have options for over 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 for and over 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 against. Simply select which statistic that you want to see and the results will follow in the table.

You can use these statistics in a more nuanced way to determine the balance of the corners that a team accumulates over the course of a season. These can be used on different types of corner bets, placing wagers on corners for one team rather than total corners. By isolating the data you will see that one team collects a number of attacking corners, but because of their stout defensive record, they do not concede many. If you can build up your knowledge like this, it can be very useful when placing an outright bet or including corners in your bet builders.

Premier League Corners Stats – Summary

The Premier League is arguably the most popular league to bet in the world, featuring elite teams and outstanding matches throughout the season. Corner betting is an extremely important wagering market for bookmakers and punters, whether you are placing an outright bet, bet builder or including it as part of an accumulator.

Understanding Statistics and Important Total Corner Betting Rules

To ensure that you have the full context for these statistics we decided it would probably be wise for us to go through some of the key rules of total corners.

  • Normal time – Normal time, not just in this but in betting markets in general, is defined as being 90 minutes plus injury time. This means that any corners taken in extra time do not count towards the final corners total. In other words, for you, this market ends with injury time. Anything that happens after that is an irrelevance here. This rule is also in effect for in-play matches.
  • What is a corner? – This is usually pretty straightforward. Unless a player decides to go into business for themselves, a corner will be made clear by the referee and should also be tallied by the bookmaker if you are following the game live, whether there is live streaming or not. In the case of a retaken corner, this is counted as one by every bookmaker we have checked, no matter how many times the corner is retaken.
  • Abandoned games – If the match is abandoned before any markets are settled, then you should get your stake back. There are some exceptions to this rule, however. If you had bet that the result would be over, and that number had already been reached at the time of abandonment, then that market would be considered won. This works to your advantage in the case of an over bet, as you cannot lose in the case of an abandoned match.
  • That said, using the same logic, if you have bet under, and the match is abandoned after the amount has been exceeded, you would lose that bet and your stake. fixed matches soccer

There are of course other general rules, but these appear to cause the most confusion when it comes to Total Corner markets.

Total Corner Tips

If you thought that total corners would be a very simplistic market, then we are here to surprise you with its hidden depths. So many factors can impact the number of corners of a game – they are not an arbitrary consequence, but the result of team dynamics, aggression, tactics, environment, team news, and more. With that in mind, here is what we consider to be five of the most compelling total corner tips for smarter total corners betting:

  1. Spot Under market opportunities
  2. Create a game narrative
  3. Focus on teams with dead-ball specialists for Over markets
  4. Watch as many games as you can
  5. Utilise our corner stats
Something that people often do not realise is that there is quite a lot dictating the odds of a betting site. There is the overround (the bookmaker has an edge, shown through how much over 100% all possible implied probabilities come to), the need to stay close to the odds given by other bookmakers to remain competitive and to stave off arbitrage bettors, and the need to reduce risk. In other words, there is a lot more going on than just what the operator thinks is going to happen. 

This mix of factors means there are times when the bookmaker offers odds that are quite far away from their real-life value. Spotting these opportunities is the key to successful betting. In Over and Under markets, of all kinds, these often come through in the Under market. That’s because punters tend to overbet on the Over market. After all, they hope for an exciting game. This forces operators to adjust the odds to encourage more balanced betting, often providing the Under market with very generous odds. Capitalising on those odds is what our corner tips are all about.

One of the things which makes this betting market so interesting is that instead of betting on the team you think will win, you are instead betting on the type of match this is going to be. Keeping that in mind is vital for successful game predictions. Generally speaking, for instance, a higher-scoring game will have more corners because this generally means more action towards either end of the field. In other words, a big factor in how many corners you think there will be depends on how action-packed that game will be. So, consider everything relevant to that dynamic, from the style of play to the teams to the importance of the game itself. Ultimately, what you are looking for is a prediction of how this game will go that is logically consistent throughout. This is especially important if you are using a Total Corners market as part of multiple bets or as part of an accumulator. fixed matches soccer
While it is certainly a good idea to try and look out for opportunities in Under markets, and they likely provide more great odds opportunities on average, none of this means we think you should discount the Over markets. Far from it. We do think, though, that you should focus your Over efforts for when all the factors are pointing in that direction. We’ve already talked about some of these factors in our last entry – however, one area that is often overlooked is the impact of key players that could be described as dead-ball specialists. These are players who are brilliant at setting up goals from a dead ball, whether it be free kicks, or from a corner. When a team has a player like this in a prominent position for a game, then the chances of that total going up really skyrocket. Once again, though, the odds don’t always reflect this, providing you with a perfect betting opportunity.
Not only does the Total Corners market have the depth needed for corner tips, but we would also argue that in terms of the detail needed to make solid predictions, it is one of the most multifaceted markets out there. Because of this, we think you need a two-pronged approach to your research. And the first is to simply watch as many games as you can featuring the relevant teams. This gives you a sense of how they play, and how they approach different opponents and situations. And like we said before, this market is all about understanding the kind of game it is going to be, so this insight is vital.
Now you have got all that delightful detail, you will need to put that action into context. This is exactly what our corner statistics are all about. These cold hard facts help put everything into perspective, giving you a multi-dimensional view of everything you need to know to make intelligent, well-formed predictions. And you can go even further if you like with our KickForm page. We have already talked about how creating a cohesive narrative is important – well, with our corner statistics and KickForm you can do exactly that, with predictions from football leagues all around the world. Knowledge is power when it comes to betting and with every stat, your betting instincts become that much sharper. fixed matches soccer

Other Kinds of Corner Bets

Total Corners stats and corner tips might be the focus of this article, but we’d be remiss not to talk about the many amazing other corner markets that are out there. From Corners in the First Ten Minutes to Corners Race, you’ll be amazed at just how versatile this kind of betting is. Moreover, not only are these ideal for when Total Corners just don’t seem like the best fit for that particular game, but they also are great for putting together multiple bets. With that all said, let’s take a closer look at the alternative corners markets.

  • Most Corners in a Football Match – No prizes for guessing what this one is all about – simply pick the team which you think will have the corners in normal play. This is a simple yet strategic bet, like all good corners markets.
  • Corners in First Ten Minutes – One of the things that are great about corners markets is how they break down your options into different time zones, with Corners in the First Ten Minutes being a great example. This follows the same rules as Total Corners, but ends at the ten-minute mark, and is a great way of injecting some interest into the opening minutes of the game.
  • First Half/Second Half Corners – Once again, this follows the rules of Total Corners but only counts the corners within the suggested selected period. Each half, as far as this market is concerned, is entirely independent from the other. It is also great for multiples.
  • Exact Corners – This is sometimes considered part of Total Corners, but we felt it deserves its own shout out here. Exact Corners means you have to guess the number of corners taken dead on, so some very long odds possible here. It is worth pointing out too that according to some bookmakers, Total Corners without Exact Corners is known as Corners 2-Way.
  • Corners Race – Here, you bet on the team you think will reach a number of corners first, meaning that this market could be settled at any time. It is sort of similar to a sudden death version of Team With Most Corners in a football match, with the ability to heat up the beginning of a game like corners in first ten minutes.
  • Corner handicap – While both European handicap and Asian handicap markets – where a team is given a goal handicap to even the betting playing field – are well-known, fewer people know the exact same kind of rules can be applied to corners too. fixed matches soccer
  • First Corner – The team which takes the first corner of the game is your winning pick. This is another simple bet and a great way of kick-starting your interest in the game, just like Corners in First Ten Minutes.
  • Corners Range – This one is remarkably similar to Total Corners. Instead of saying whether the total number of corners will be over or under a certain amount, you instead say whether those corners will be in a specific range – for instance, between 7-9 or 10-13. Otherwise, the principles remain the same.

Terminology Confusion

Now, just to be clear, many operators use different names for these markets, including the likes of First Corner and Corners in First Ten Minutes, so if they appear in a slightly different form don’t be surprised. That is also the case for Total Corners. Exact Corners and Corners Range are, in our estimation, markets which are successful or unsuccessful based on the numbers of total corners. Thus, they are called Total Corners by some bookmakers. Our focus here is largely on the over/under markets, but we do view this interpretation as valid.

What Promotions Can Be Used on Corner Markets?

While it is certainly quite possible for a betting site to offer a promotion solely on corner markets, we do admit that it isn’t something we see very often. However, for those of you wondering whether that means you will have to enjoy these corners markets without those bonus benefits, you have no reason to be concerned. Dedicated promotions would be nice, but considering that so many of the best and newest promotions – including enhanced odds (also known as bet boosts), acca insurance and no deposit free bets – are generally all applicable to all football markets, you can still enjoy the majority of the finest promotions bookmakers have to offer. fixed matches soccer

Live Betting With Corner Markets

Yes, corner betting is widely available as part of live betting. In fact, it would be rather unusual to find a corners market that is available pre-match and then suddenly disappears when the game begins. So, not only is corners betting available, while incorporating highly popular features such as cash out, but we also think it is a market that lends itself fantastically well to the fast pace of live betting, whether you’re betting on desktop or through one of our favourite mobile apps.

source: www.thepunterspage.com/corner-stats/

fixed correct score for today

fixed correct score for today

fixed correct score for today

FOR: 28.04.2023

Breidablik – Fram Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.50 FT: 5:4

What Are Booking Points and How Are They Calculated?

In football, booking points are a system of rules bookmakers use to attach points to the yellow and red cards shown in a football match. Each card is worth the following points:

  • 1x Yellow card = 10 booking points
  • 1x Red card = 25 booking points
  • 2x Yellow cards for the same player resulting in a red card = 35 booking points

Therefore, the maximum number of booking points that can be accrued by a single player is 35 points.

Cards & Booking Points Statistics

The cards and booking points stats tables above and below feature over 450 teams, designed to help you with your booking points predictions. Here you can select between Most Booking Points, Over 15, 25 or 35 Booking Points Conceded, and Over 15, 25, or 35 Booking Points for. To make the most of the table:

  • Select the desired tab based on the stats you are looking for
  • Use the ‘Search’ bar to find a specific team, league or country.
  • Sort the data using the directional arrows. fixed correct score for today

The data is updated daily to make sure we have the most up-to-date stats available.

Top 5 Bookmakers for Booking Points/Total Cards Betting

To get the best bang for your buck, you need quality odds across a variety of markets. That’s why we’ve listed the top bookmakers for card and booking point betting below.

Paddy Power Booking Points

(Source: Paddy Power)

At Paddy Power, betting on card index are settled as follows:

  • 1x Yellow card = 10 booking points
  • 1x Red card = 25 booking points
  • 2x Yellow cards for the same player resulting in a red card = 35 booking points

There are a variety of card index markets to choose from, including Total Card Index, Away Team Card Index, Home Team Card Index, Exact Card Index, First Half Card Index, and Card Index Match bet. Other fun markets include betting on which team will receive the first booking, the time of first booking, home or away total cards, and on a specific player to be booked.

Unibet Total Cards

(Source: Unibet)

Unibet don’t have a betting points system in place, but customers can bet on the number of cards shown in a match.

  • 1x Yellow card = One card
  • 1x Red card = Two cards
  • 2x Yellow cards for the same player resulting in a red card = Three cards

Besides the standard Total Cards Markets, you can try your hand on several card handicap markets. They’ve also got a First Card. No Card, No Bet market, which basically means if no card is given out, your bet will be voided, and stake subsequently refunded. The Unibet bet builder does a great job at combining card bets with other types of bets, too.

BetVictor Booking Points

(Source: BetVictor)

BetVictor follow the standard booking points scoring method:

  • 1x Yellow card = 10 booking points
  • 1x Red card = 25 booking points
  • 2x Yellow cards for the same player resulting in a red card = 35 booking points

Aside from booking points, you can wager on First/Anytime Carded Player, the exact number of yellow cards, yellow card correct score between two teams, and whether there will be a red card in the match. fixed correct score for today

bet365 Card Markets

(Source: bet365)

bet365 do not offer a booking points market. However, there are plenty of other card markets to have a crack at.

  • 1x Yellow card = One card
  • 1x Red card = Two cards
  • 2x Yellow cards for the same player resulting in a red card = Three cards

At bet365 you’ll find a range of card handicap and Asian card handicap markets, as well as being able to bet on Number of Cards in the Match, Player To Be Booked, Time of First Card, First Player To Be Booked and First Team To Be Booked.

If you want action right from kick-off, Over/Under 0.5 Cards in the First 10 Minutes is a perfect choice. All in all, there are plenty of great reasons to join bet365, and their card market offering is certainly one of them.

William Hill Booking Points

(Source: William Hill)

Using the standard booking points system, William Hill offer a tremendous range of card-related bets.

  • 1x Yellow card = 10 booking points
  • 1x Red card = 25 booking points
  • 2x Yellow cards for the same player resulting in a red card = 35 booking points

You’ll find plenty of booking point bets to wager on, as well as Total cards in Both Halves,  whether a card will be shown during 15-minute time intervals, the time of the first card, and which team will receive the last card.


So, What Are Match Booking Points and How Do They Work?

The basics of match booking points couldn’t be simpler. Bookmakers assign points for yellow and red cards handed out throughout a game of football, leaving you to bet on how many points you think there will be during a match.

A yellow card is worth 10 points. A red card is worth 25 points. If two yellow cards are shown, and the player as a result gets a red card, this is worth 35 points, accounting for both cards.

A couple of key rules include: fixed correct score for today

  • This market takes place within the game’s 90 minutes plus injury time, meaning that extra time does not count towards the points overall.
  • Any cards shown to managers or players that are on the bench do not count. Put simply, only cards shown to players on the field count.

Booking points example:

Let’s take a look at a match that took place between Leicester City and Manchester United to put this into practice.

(Source: https://www.whoscored.com/)

Focusing solely on booking points, here’s how the game went down:

  • Minute 9: Maguire yellow card – 10 points
  • Minute 63: Lindelof yellow card – 10 points
  • Minute 68: Evans yellow card – 10 points
  • Minute 83: Matic yellow card – 10 points
  • Minute 90: Pogba yellow card – 10 points
  • Minute 91: Williams yellow card – 10 points
  • Minute 93: Evans second yellow card and a red card – 25 points

From this one example, we can see how the rules come into play. In this game there were 85 booking points in total, which is definitely on the higher sideFive Manchester United received yellow cards (Maguire, Lindelof, Matic, Pogba, Williams), meaning they racked up 50 booking points in total. Evans was the only Leicester player to be booked, and unfortunately for him, he received two yellow cards and a red card as a result, totalling 35 points.

Let’s take this example and see the results in different booking points betting markets (taken from William Hill and Paddy Power).

Total Booking Points

Different bookmakers break total booking points down into different ways but, as is always the case, the basics are simple. You predict how many total booking points there will be at the end of the match.

In the case of our example, only the over bets would have won since it was a card-heavy affair.

Most Booking Points

In this market, the overall amount of points only matters in terms of who has the higher number. In case you’re wondering, the screenshot here is of a different game, as we couldn’t use a one of a match which had already concluded. fixed correct score for today

Nevertheless, if we apply it to our example, Manchester United had the most booking points, so that bet would be the winner here. It is also worth mentioning that tied booking points generally yields fairly sizeable odds if you’re looking for that kind of market.

Half Booking Points

This works in the same way as total booking points, but it’s exclusive to making predictions on a half rather than the full 90 minutes of a match. Most bookies will give you the opportunity to bet on the first half or second half.

This is a good market if you predict teams will start or finish a match cautiously or aggressively. It’s important to remember that generally, more cards are awarded in the second half of games than the first, and the odds will reflect that.

In the case of our example, only one card was dished out in the first half, meaning the Exactly 10 Points bet would have been a winner.

Home/Away Booking Points

This also works like the Total Booking Points market, but only for one team. We recommend this market if you have reason to believe a specific team will pick up or avoid getting carded.

In our example, Leicester racked up 35 booking points, so you’d have to have gone for the Over 30 Points market to be successful.

These are some key examples of the main markets for Match Booking Points. We hope they’ve helped you see that, while there are a lot of different options, the way in which they work is very straightforward. You only really need to understand the core rules and concepts in order to easily grasp what you are betting on and how to win.

You can even combine these bets with other markets like Corners Taken and Over 2.5 Goals for bigger odds using a bookie’s bet builder feature. fixed correct score for today

Other Football Card Betting Markets

There are other examples of card betting markets which don’t operate off a points-based system. Below are a few of our favourites.

Total Cards & Total Team Cards

Instead of betting on booking points, some bookies – such as bet365 and Unibet – will allow you to bet on the actual number of cards. An example of such a market would be one that allowed you to bet on over/under 2.5 cards to be shown in a match.

Another could be Team Cards, where you place an over/under bet on the total amount of cards shown to one team. The thought process for bets like these would be identical to betting on total booking points or home/away booking points.

Card Handicaps

Handicap betting is popular on a variety of different markets, including match results, corners, and the main focus of this article, cards. “Handicap” refers to one team receiving a virtual head start or deficit. One team is granted an “advantage” (indicated by a + figure) and the other a disadvantage (indicated by a – figure).


Crystal Palace -1 card (5/2 odds)

Manchester United +1 card (4/6 odds)

In this matchup between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, Manchester United have been given +1 to their card total while Crystal Palace have been given -1.

Crystal Palace would have to receive at least two more cards than Manchester United for the bet to be successful.

Manchester United would have to receive more, or the same number of cards as Crystal Palace for the bet to win.

Asian Handicaps are also commonly offered, and with these bets, if the outcome ends in a draw, then your stake is refunded. fixed correct score for today

Player to be Booked

This is a very straightforward market. Wagering on a player to be booked will be successful if your selection is shown a yellow or red card. To get even tastier odds, you can place on which player will be booked first.

There are a few things to remember here:

  • If the market is specifically ‘First Yellow Card’ and not ‘First Player Booked’, then a red will not count.
  • If two players are booked at the same time, then it’s the player who is shown the card first that is usually paid out by bookies.
  • If you bet on a player to be booked and he doesn’t start the match, most bookies will void the bet.

More Card Markets

Of course, we’ve only just skimmed the surface here. Some other markets we love are:

  • Team to Receive First/Last Card
  • Player To Be Sent Off
  • Total Match Cards Odd/Even

Betting on Cards and Booking Points: 6 Things To Consider

Now that we fully understand how cards work and how you can bet on them, it is time to discuss tactics on how to approach these markets when making your booking points predictions.

#1 Recent Form

The simplest place to start is often the best. Check out how each team has been doing in terms of bookings in the last few months to get a general idea of their form in the regard. There are a bunch of great websites that will help you do this. Are they a side who gets booked often? If so, is this the case for the team in general, or are there specific players who make up the majority of these bookings?

This latter point is an important one we’ll address in greater detail on our next tip. The key thing to take away here is to get a general overview of how each team usually performs in terms of bookings. Once you have this, we can start to investigate a little more about how other factors could affect these results.

#2 Lineups 

It’s not always the case, but the reason we advise checking which players are the most likely culprits is often because a team will have high match booking points due to a select few players. Whether or not these players are in the game you are looking at will be absolutely vital to the kind of bet you should make.

If the usual suspects aren’t playing, consider who they will be replaced with and their record in terms of bookings. All in all, it is crucial to consider the lineup carefully when making a prediction, and not to treat teams as a singular entity.

Moreover, if you’re betting on a player to be booked, try pick someone who is likely to play the majority of the match. A lot of cards are picked up in the latter stages of the game, so if your player is usually subbed around the 60th minute mark, you’ll be disadvantaged.

#3 Head-to-Heads

While looking at a team’s results over the last couple of months will give you a great oversight, there is also the specific chemistry between the two teams in question to take into account. Different styles often yield different results in booking points.

For instance, if a team has been playing a mostly defensive side and are now facing a much more aggressive opponent, the results from those previous couple of months may be less relevant than if their opponents were more consistent in play style. The best way of figuring this out is probably to go back and look at the last couple of times these teams faced, especially if it was a relatively recent match-up.

#4 The Importance of the Event

Teams will play differently depending on how vital a game is to them. It will affect everything from style to the lineup.

For instance, imagine if you are betting on a high-stakes match between two title contenders. Emotions will be running high, the atmosphere will be electric, and both teams will be give everything to win. You’re likely to see players flying into challenges and picking up cards as a result.

On the other hand, if it’s a friendly or dead-rubber match at the end of the season, players will approach it with a completely different intensity, so this will probably be reflected in the number of cards shown.

Another way in which this can hugely impact the outcome is whether there is a personal rivalry between the teams. A derby with a lot of history such as Manchester United vs Manchester City – or Arsenal vs Tottenham – could create a more volatile playing style, meaning more cards are likely to be brandished. fixed correct score for today

#5 Referees – The Stars of the Show

Probably the biggest mistake that many make is forgetting to factor in the referee. We all know that the rules remain the same but how strictly these rules are enforced does change – in some cases quite significantly, depending on the referee for the game.

Football stats will show you that there is a big difference between someone like Michael Oliver and Lee Probert. Some referees, for instance, often blow their whistle for a foul, but are lenient on the cards. Getting to know the quirks of the referee is our secret weapon for best utilising card and booking point markets.

#6 First Half Yellow Card Prediction vs Total

Several bookies offer an over/under on yellow cards for the first half of the game, as well as on full-time. That said, most stats display the average per game only. As you can imagine, things usually get heated up in the second half, when the team that is behind starts to play more aggressively for example, or if the winning side starts to defend more aggressively. And we all know certain players who tend to get frustrated more towards the end.

It is actually very hard to find stats that compare yellow cards in the first half to the total number of yellow cards, but a study has shown that 65.8% of yellow cards 81.8% of red ones come in the second half.

Advantages of Match Booking Points:

We know how booking points work, and we know some ways to make our bets that bit more effective. But why exactly should we choose this type of market above others? Here’s a quick breakdown of our top five reasons to bet on booking points.

1) Versatility

One of our top reasons for betting on match betting points has to be its versatility. Just look at the amount of markets available to you. Bookmakers have taken this concept and pulled every possibility from it, and that’s a wonderful thing.

2) It’s About the Individual and the Team

This is another great thing about card betting -it lets you take a deep dive into a team’s dynamic and the effect of individual players. When you start to work out how best to bet using our tips, we think that you’ll actually learn quite a lot, even about a team you have been following your whole life. This type of lens can give you a unique perspective and appreciation for the beautiful game. fixed correct score for today

3) There’s So much To Consider

Alongside opening your eyes to team and player dynamics, this form of betting is really in-depth all around. From the referee to the event itself, there’s so much to take into account, especially considering the amount of markets there are.

4) Provides Greater Interest in One-Sided Games

Among the best things about betting is the ability to make less interesting games shine. For instance, you may otherwise skip a game between heavyweight sides like Barcelona or Man City and an underdog side. However, things like match booking points and other markets can provide you with a reason to watch and be invested in an unknown result.

5) You Don’t Have To Choose It Over Other Betting Types

Speaking of those other markets, our final point would be that actually, you don’t have to choose card betting over anything else. You can enjoy the latter in conjuncture with everything else that is out there. Through bet builders, you can bet which team will win, by how many goals, and how many cards will be shown. This can be really handy, especially when you want to boost your odds.

Source: www.thepunterspage.com/cards-booking-points-betting-stats/

match win today

match win today

match win today

FOR: 25.04.2023

Always Ready – Blooming Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.45 FT: 1:1

BTTS Statistics

The table above features BTTS stats for 510 teams across 29 leagues around the globe, and shows the number of matches played and the number of matches that have seen both teams scoring for the current season. The green bar represents the exact percentage of games where both teams have scored.

There are a number of ways you can use the table:

  • Use the Search bar to find a specific teamleague or country.
  • Sort the information (Using the Arrows) by either TeamMatches Played (Pd) or Percentage (%).

The data is updated everyday to ensure we have the most up-to-date stats available.

One of the reasons that Both Teams to Score markets interest so many people is that they have close to 50/50 results in many European leagues. However, this fools a lot of people into thinking that any Both Teams to Score bet holds roughly that level of probability.

There are a lot of different factors that determine whether or not this is accurate. Through these Both Teams to Score stats, and the strategic advice we will be providing further on, you will be able to understand those nuances and make smarter bets.

What Is BTTS?

Both Teams to Score refers to any market where the outcome of a bet depends on whether both teams score within the regular 90 minutes of play in a football match. match win today

If you back “Yes” on a Both Teams to Score market, and both teams score by the end of the game, then you win that bet. Note, however, that if one team scores twice, or even a hundred times, that would not count as a winning bet. It is not any two goals; it is at least one goal from each team. In other words, if the final score were 4-0, that would not be a winning bet, but if the final score were 1-1, then that would be a winning bet.

You can also go the other way and say that you don’t think both teams will score by the end of this game. In that case, a 4-0 result would see you win, whereas a 1-1 result would see you lose. A 0-0 result would also see you win. Remember that you are not backing a team to win, but on what kind of game is going to be played.

There are some important rules to adhere to. Both teams must score within regular play, meaning that goals scored from previous legs in a two-legged contest do not count. The end of normal play also means that stoppage time is included, but extra time is not. Even if this is a game where extra time is permitted, the game for your bet ends with regular play. match win today

How Does BTTS Differ From Over/Under Total Goals Markets?

The markets that Both Teams to Score is compared with, and also occasionally combined with, are the Over/Under Total Goals markets. This can go by other names, like Goals Scored. If you are unaware of what these markets are, they can be understood quite easily.

Essentially, you are betting on whether the total numbers of goals scored will be over or under a certain amount. The key difference between this and BTTS is that whichever team scored the goals does not matter in the Total Goals markets. Tactically, this has huge ramifications. For instance, if you think a match is going to be a total walkover, then a high Total Goals market may be appropriate, while Both Teams to Score stats would not be.

Sharpen your prediction skills and head over to our detailed guide on the best Over 2.5 Goals strategy and winning tips!

Are There Other BTTS Markets?

Now that we understand how BTTS works, let’s explore all of the possible variations available for it.

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves match win today

This market sees you back BTTS, but instead of being needed once throughout the full game, both teams need to score in each half of the game.

For example, if Tottenham faced Manchester City, with Tottenham getting a goal in the first half, and Manchester City registering a reply in the second half, you would not be successful if you backed Both Teams to Score in Both Halves as you would in the standard market.

Tottenham and Manchester City would each need to score in the first half, and both would need to do so again in the second half – a minimum of four goals – for this to be successful. This takes the implied prediction of a high-scoring game that the standard market suggests to a whole other level. It is possible to get some very high odds for this market.

Both Teams to Score in One Half

View the first and the second half of the games individually for these bets. While you needed both halves to be successful in Both Teams to Score in Both Halves, here, you only need to be correct in your selected half. In other words, if you back Both Teams to Score in the first half, you only need to be right in that first 45 minutes. Everything that happens in the second half is irrelevant to the success of your bet.

BTTS Accumulator

You can create a whole accumulator from this market alone.

This isn’t a variation of BTTS as much as it is one of the most interesting ways to use this market. In fact, Betfred has crafted an extremely popular bonus utilising this concept with its Goals Galore promotion, where you have to pick a minimum of three selections you think will be a positive result in this market.

This promotion, just as any accumulator you utilise BTTS on, can also use any of these variations.

Both Teams to Score and Win

Both Teams to Score and Win is a great example of a combination of markets, and is arguably the most popular BTTS market variation out there. This is composed of the two markets that are suggested by the title. If you back this market, then each team must score before the end of normal play, and the team you have backed must also win the game.

In this scenario, a 1-1 result could never be a winning bet, unlike the standard BTTS market, because your selected team would need to hold a decisive victory.

For example, you would win if you backed Everton to beat Aston Villa with Both Teams to Score, and the result saw Everton pick up a 2-1 victory. You are saying not only who you think will win, but, to an extent, how you think they will win.

Both Teams to Score and Over/Under Total Goal Markets

This combination showcases how distinct they are, considering that such a market is possible without contradicting one another or making either redundant.

If you backed Both Teams to Score with an over market of 3.5 goals, and the match ended 3-1, that would be a winning bet. However, a 5-0 result or a 2-1 result would not, as only part of the criteria had been met.

Clean Sheets (Alternative Market)

Even though the Clean Sheet markets are the opposite of the Both Teams to Score markets, as you are backing either one or both teams not to concede a goal by the end of regular play, we felt they deserved mentioning as they are similar to BTTS in their simplicity and in how they can be strategically approached. To view our clean sheet statistics, head over to our in-depth Total Team Goals stats and betting guide.

There are other alternative markets that you can bet on such as To Win Both Halves or Over 2.5 Goals so be sure to check them out!

Both Teams to Score Tips

We’ve written up five of what we consider to be the most important things to take into account when betting on Both Teams to Score. By giving you the tools you need to make more informed, tactical betting decisions, you’ll be able to make the most out of this market.

1. Consider the Importance of the Game

From the finest rugby encounters to a classic game of cricket, this is an important factor to consider in sporting markets, whether you are predicting who will win or the number of corners you’re likely to see.

The importance of the game to each team will change how they play; thus, it is fundamental to determine whether a team is approaching a game offensively or defensively. For instance, if we were dealing with a game where one team merely needed to draw to win a championship, while the other was coming from behind, we would likely see the latter being more offensive than the former. A similar example would be if one team needed a win to avoid relegation, while the game lacked importance for their opponents. match win today

In some instances, such as the final of a knockout tournament, where each team is coming in without an advantage, you would likely see each at their aggressive best. match win today

It is worth pointing out that popular markets can also see the bookmakers at their competitive best, meaning that the advantages can be more competitive odds and a fairer overround.

2. Think About the Tendencies of Different Leagues

Different leagues often have different styles of play. The Bundesliga, for example, tends to be higher-scoring than the Championship.

Keep this in mind if you are betting on a league that is outside your usual area of expertise. You cannot approach La Liga as you would the Premier League. Football is not all played in one particular style, and this can have a huge impact on your ability to make sound Both Teams to Score predictions if not taken into account.

3. Do Research on Head-to-Head Results, Not Just on Their General Results

A mistake people betting on BTTS markets make is that they only look at the last five games or so that both teams have played, and use that as their sole source of information. This overlooks an important factor: the chemistry between the two teams that are pitted against each other. It explains why BTTS predictions can be difficult to make when you are dealing with teams in, for example, the FIFA Club World Cup, who have hardly ever met in competition.

Assuming they are within a recent time frame, prioritise studying previous matches between the two teamsas there are few richer sources of insight.

4. Consider the Alternative Markets

Not all games are right for some markets; they can be too easy or too close to call for how you like to bet. That is why having an understanding of all that is available to you is so important, so you can recognise when best to utilise them.

You may think that a BTTS bet on a game between two high scoring teams is a little dull on its own, but making it a Both Teams to Score and Win bet could make it worth your while. match win today

5. It Is Not About Who Wins

The most important Both Teams to Score tips we can give to anyone who has never bet on BTTS before is to get rid of your ‘who will win’ focus when making a prediction. However, because To Win markets are so common, this can be hard to do, especially if you do not have experience with other markets.

BTTS is not about who will win, and getting bogged down in that line of thinking can cloud your judgement. It’s about the kind of game being played. It is not only about whether you think it will be a high-scoring game, but also one where there is a reasonable amount of back and forth between the teams.

The Both Teams to Score tips conundrum, then, is what to do with the Both Teams to Score and Win markets. We would suggest breaking apart these two questions:

  1. First, ask yourself: “Do I think each team will score?
  2. If the answer is “Yes”, you can then ask yourself: “With 1-1 as my baseline, do I still think there will be a decisive winner, and if so, who?”

Why Is BTTS Such a Popular Market?

There are a number of reasons for why people like BTTS so much. We think it comes down to it being so easy to understand, with the only question you need to answer being “Do you think both teams will score in regular play?” 

Markets are often conceptually hard to get your head around, but BTTS is an exception to this, balancing accessibility with enough technicality to attract an expert audience. Few markets can boast that mix between casual and expert bettors, which is why we think it could be the most universal market out there. match win today

Another reason for its popularity is that it provides interest in games where there might not otherwise have been any. If you think your favourite team might lose, but don’t want to back the opposition, BTTS could be perfect for you. Similarly, a game that is 5-0 might not hold much excitement in usual circumstances, but if you have a BTTS bet on the go, there’s still plenty of reason to keep watching. Its versatility, depth, and ease of concept make this market a cut above the rest.

source: www.thepunterspage.com/both-teams-to-score-stats/

full time predict

full time predict

full time predict

FOR: 24.04.2023

Jong Utrecht – Jong Ajax Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.50 FT: 1:0

Over 4.5 Goals Meaning

The over / under 4.5 goals bet is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is predict if a match will have more or less than 5 total combined goals. There are many ways that this could happen. Here are a few examples to make it clearer.

  • Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool – The total score is 5 so if you bet over 4.5 goals, you’ll win the bet.
  • Newcastle 3-3 Manchester City – With a total of over 4.5 goals this will also result in a win if you bet on ‘over 4.5 goals’.
  • Marseille 1-2 Tottenham – This will count as a win for Under 4.5 Betting and a loss for Over 4.5 betting.
  • Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea – This is also a win for anyone who bet ‘Under 4.5 goals’.

An ‘Over 4.5 bet’ comes with some high odds due to the fact that not many games end in goal tallies higher than 4. Betting Under 4.5 tends to be more realistic, but this will be reflected in the lower odds given.

Finally, the bet only counts during the 90 minutes of football and stoppage time. The bet doesn’t include extra time and penalties.

Over 4.5 Goals Stats & Betting

The table above shows ‘Over 4.5 Goals stats’ for 28 top leagues and over 500 clubs. It features the total number of games played and those in which a score of over 4.5 was achieved (for the current season). The green bar represents the percentage of games that a team has had over 4.5 goals in.

The second tab performs the same functions and works in the same way as the first tab but for under 4.5 goals statistics.

There are several ways to use the table:

  • Use the ‘Search’ bar to find a specific teamleague or country.
  • ‘Sort’ the information (using the arrows) by either ‘Team’‘Matches Played’ (Pd) or ‘Percentage’ (%).

The Data is constantly being updated ensuring we have the most up-to-date stats available.

ThePuntersPage currently has betting guides on various over/under betting markets. You can access them via the links below.

What Is Asian Total Betting?

The Asian betting market is an interesting alternative to the regular over under bet. While it may seem complicated at first, it’s actually in a punter’s benefit and could save you a few bob if you bet doesn’t go according to plan.

Firstly, the Asian line uses whole numbers and not halves. So, in this case the bet will be over / under 4 goals. In a regular over 4.5 goals bet you’ll lose your stake if a match ends with 4 goals. In the Asian market, 4 goals counts as a void, ‘No Bet’, and your original stake will be refunded.

There are also .25 bets which work in a similar way. If you bet on over 4.25 and the score ends with a total of 4 goals, you receive half your stake. This higher risk is rewarded with better odds.

Over 4.5 Goals Tips

Betting on over and under 4.5 goals is a great bet for any punter. While the ‘Under 4.5 goals’ may be a safe option for any cautious punter, the ‘Over 4.5 goals’ is a much riskier and exciting bet to make. There are ways to make your bets safer, here’s our tips.

  • Pre-match researchThis is vital when placing any bet and is especially true for riskier bets such as this one. Making an informed decision is key. Are there any star players out injured? Is a team in dire need of a win? Or is a team resting starting players for a bigger match coming up? These are all things to consider and research when making pre match bets.

    Use our stats

    Our stats pages are perfect when performing any betting research. With in-depth stats on an amazing variety of markets and 28 top leagues we definitely have your back for whatever you need.

    If you’re looking for some pre match predictions Kickform.com has got you covered. The predictor is available for the top 5 leagues and is another great research tool.

    Look for wider trends

    Different leagues and countries tend to have different overall stats, depending on style of play, intensity, and number of games. As we saw in the table above, the Bundesliga has the highest ‘over 4.5 goals’ average. Looking at league wide stats will help you find value in the betting market.

Over 4.5 Goals Accumulators

Since the odds vary so wildly when betting on over or under bets, an accumulator can be a great way to really boost your odds. An Acca is a series of different bets clumped together to create 1 larger betslip with greater odds.

An over/under bet goes great in a combi-bet as it doesn’t require you to pick a winner, this allows a lot more leeway when creating betslips. If you’re still unsure how an acca works, you should check out our guide to accumulator betting.

Alternatives to Over/Under 4.5 Goals

If you don’t fancy betting on an over / under bet, there are many other great betting markets both in-play and pre-match to turn to! Here are a few of our top picks. full time predict

One of the simplest forms of betting, all that needs to happen for a both teams to score bet to win is that both teams must score in a 90-minute match of football. The final score doesn’t affect the bet, a game could end 1-1 or 8-4, and as long as both teams score you’ll be a winner.Alternatively, you can bet against BTTS which means one or both teams won’t score.

The ‘to win either half’ bet stipulates that the team you bet on outscores their opponents in at least one half of football. The great thing about this is that your bet could be won by the end of the first half.
CARDS & BOOKING POINTS full time predict
An increasingly popular betting market, predicting the number of bookings in a match is simple and exciting. There are many brilliant ways to find value in this betting market including our in-depth Cards & booking points stats page.Bookies use booking points as another way of betting on cards, but it functions in almost the same way, using a tally of points depending on what and how many cards are shown.

A slightly less mainstream bet, betting on corners may not seem so interesting, but there is a lot of value if you know were to look. This is another form of over / under bets where punters bet on the number of corners in a match.